Should Christians Prepare for a Global Monetary Crash?

Should Christians Prepare for a Global Monetary Crash?

Is Bitcoin Real Money? What about Gold and Silver?

By Betty Miller

A Looming Global Monetary Crash Coming Soon?

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Many financial speculators are giving financial advice and telling people to protect their life savings and move their cash to Bitcoin or silver and gold or real estate or hard assets. Is all their advice scriptural? Is some of it good?  There is talk of governments moving to a cashless society and using crypto and/or digital currencies. What is real money?  What are crypto currencies? Is Bitcoin a safe investment?  How will these things affect us? Will there be inflation and a depression?  Is there something we can do to protect our life savings? As Christians, who can we trust? Should Christians even be involved in this discussion? When will this happen? Is the new administration making plans to change our entire financial system? I will attempt to answer some of these questions in this article by sharing my personal opinions after some research and study and scriptural advice from the Word of God. The most important thing will be our faith in God to sustain and protect us.

What are Christian Leaders Saying about a Stock Market Crash?

News about a crash is not just coming from secular people and financial advisors and experts, but many Christian leaders are voicing their concerns as well. Some Prophets of God are prophesying this crash, as well. One major prophetic voice, the late David Wilkerson, has been predicting a great depression for years.  He wrote a book entitled, “God’s Plan to Protect His People In the Coming Depression.”  The last time I checked, this book was out of print and there were only a few copies for sale on the Internet and they were going for over $100.00 each. Here are two quotes from David from this book:

“One third of the world is now suffering economic depression! No one will ever convince me that America can avoid a full-blown depression. In fact, I believe it has already begun.  Soon the financial bubble will burst and we are going to be shocked by the blindness and ignorance of our leaders and financial experts. They have no idea of the severity and suddenness of the coming storm. Soon the cry will be: Was there nobody in charge? How did this happen?”

“Those, who right now, are setting their hearts to seek God with all their being and are saturating their hearts and minds with the Word of God are better prepared for the coming storm than anyone. They are safer and more protected than those in the world who have made all kinds of physical preparation. The only trustworthy preparations are those for the heart, not the body. This is where all preparations must begin. However, a servant of God loses nothing by storing a supply of food. If chaotic conditions are indeed ahead, our food supply will allow us to be prepared just as Joseph in the Bible was. You may ask, what if no such crisis comes to pass? The answer is simple: We can simply use the food later or, better yet, give it away to needy families, to God’s glory.”

Both camps (secular and spiritual) are predicting a crash with a depression, but they just give their own opinions and advice as to what they believe you should do about it.  Some are investing in gold and silver and others real estate. Some are listening to the speculators and are moving their funds to Bitcoin.  Some are investing in food reserves, hard assets, etc.  I am not a financial advisor but feel led to share with you a lot of the information that I am hearing about on the news and the Internet. I want you to be aware of these dire predictions, so you can pray and ask God if you need to do anything. As a Christian, the first thing I do is to pray about things and take my questions to the Lord and look to the Word of God to answer them.

Bitcoin and the Stock Market

Since there is so much in the news about Bitcoin right now and I did not feel good about it, I started praying and asking God about the subject, along with doing some research.  I wanted an answer from God, as I have friends invested in this and some have asked me what I thought about it.  (Just for the record, I do not own any Bitcoin stock or any other stock for that matter.) I am not against people investing in the stock market if they are led of the Lord to do so, but since the stock market and Wall Street promote so much lust and greed it is wise to seek God when handling things in the world.

Here is an excerpt from a previous article, “What the Bible Says about the Stock Market? that  I penned a number of years ago on this subject:

“What the Bible Says about the Stock Market”

The Bible actually does not say anything specifically about the Stock Market. However, it is full of principles that directly affect any kind of investing. The basic principle of the stock market is not wrong if it is followed properly.  What is that principle? When a man or a group of men have a good and righteous business or company that benefits humanity; yet they lack funding to make that business productive, it creates a need for another’s help. If another man or a group of men (investors) have surplus funds and could use the monies as additional or future support, it also creates a need for another’s help. When the one group physically does the work and the other supports that work with his funds, it becomes mutually beneficial for both parties. However, today, many people invest without any research in the company they are investing in. They do not know if the company policies are based on good Biblical principles. They know nothing as to how their employees are treated. They know nothing of the history of the company. They do not know the character of the ones running the business; whether they are honest, reliable or trustworthy, etc. They know nothing of their alliances (do they support or promote unholy causes such as pornography, abortion, etc.). Sad to say, but most of the stock market is run by lust and greed, instead of wise investment and helping one another. <Continue Reading>

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