Touching Testimonies

Touching Testimonies


Testimony from one who was contemplating suicide:

“Thank you for all the work you do. I am a born again Christian who has been contemplating suicide for several months. This Saturday I was going to go through with it. I had already begun to get my affairs in order. I was online looking for effective “methods” when I saw a link to your website and message on suicide. That message really spoke to my heart. I immediately repented and prayed the prayers aloud on the screen. I feel God healing my heart and delivering me from sadness. Thank you so much.” (Name withheld).

Editor’s Note: All praise goes to God and we thank you for your prayers and gifts that make testimonies like this possible. Go to: “What the Bible Says About Suicide.” to read the article.

Testimony about the Daily Devotional:

“Thank you so much for serving GOD with your gifts. I truly am encouraged daily by the Proverb devotionals. Your expository is so simple and gentle, but yet still convicting. Just like our JESUS. Your ministry is a blessing to me which I share to be blessing too. GOD Bless and may He meet all your needs. Love your brother in CHRIST.”

Editor’s Note: If you would like to order this Daily Devotional book click the link for more information or to read a sample or to order:


Showing our thanks to God with our finances and gifts to His works this Christmas.

One way we can show our thanks is to give to the works of God. Don’t forget to give a special gift to Jesus this Christmas, as, after all, it is His birthday. Ask God where you are to give as there are many good ministries today that are reaching the world around them with the gospel. Local churches need help because of the Covid19 closures so do not forget them and the many evangelists that have been grounded.  We would also be grateful if you chose to include us in your giving this year. God bless you in advance.

How to Donate:  These beautiful art prints were given to us to help raise money for the ministry.

A Firm Foundation Art Print

poster_smallWe have been given 1200 Dudash “Firm Foundation” autographed, numbered prints entitled: “A Firm Foundation.” These are autographed and numbered (2500 total in the series), 18″ x 24″ limited edition, collector’s lithograph printed on heavy premium stock ready for framing. PAINTING THEME: The Bible and faith were hand-in-hand with the founding of America. This beautiful painting features a Bible on a freshly signed Declaration of Independence, with a Founder dreaming about the future of America (seeing a modern city in his thoughts). It reminds each of us that America’s future must be founded on the Bible and faith in God, just as its past.The original price of this print was $75.00 and we are giving it to anyone who donates $50.00 or more to the ministry to help us at this time. This print is not sold in stores, nor anywhere else. Your donation to Christ Unlimited Ministries will help us to continue getting out the gospel and in turn, we are able to bless you with a lovely gift of Christian art.You may click here for instructions on how to donate and receive your own autographed copy of this art print: Or, you may send a donation by mail to: Christ Unlimited Ministries, P.O. Box 850, Dewey, AZ 86327 requesting “A Firm Foundation” art print.To donate by phone: Call toll free 1-888-292-4253

The Bible Answer for the Month

“What Does the Bible Say About the Thanksgiving Holiday?”

Bible Resource Center has many things on the site to help you grow in God. As Christians, one of the most important things we can do to overcome in this life is to become strong in God, by studying His Word. Here are some links with information that will help you so that you can be prepared in a day such as this:

READ THE BIBLE – Daily reading plan designed so that you can read the Bible through in a year. You can start anytime. <More Info>

BIBLE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – If you are looking for answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions and would like to know what the Bible says about those topics, you can click here to find those answers: <Bible Answers>

STUDY THE BIBLE – Bible Study Tools to help you study the Bible on your own. They include access to Bible search tools, reference works, commentaries and Bible Study material (Christ Unlimited Ministries), as well as others that we recommend. <More Info>

DAILY DEVOTIONALS - You can take your choice of reading the Daily Devotional that Betty Miller wrote called God’s Wisdom for Daily Living or read totally scripture devotionals for the day. <More Info> God’s Wisdom for Daily Living is now available in paperback from our Chapel Bookstore. <To Order>

PRAYER ROOM - You can use our Prayer Room to leave prayer requests for your own needs or the needs of others. We currently have thousands of dedicated intercessors who will pray for your requests. We also personally agree for these prayer needs to be met. <More Info>

Just click to to easily find one of the above, plus many other helps.

 Ministry Goal

Christ Unlimited Ministries Goal is to strengthen the church worldwide and bring new converts to Jesus by making the Bible available in every format and language possible, along with sound scriptural teaching. Our desire is to honor Jesus and bring glory to God by continuing to share the gospel of the kingdom via the Internet as commanded of us in the Great Commission.

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